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Stuck finding mental health help?

  • Seen your family doctor, maybe even a psychiatrist?
  • Still don’t feel your symptoms are under control?
  • Medications or therapy not effective?
  • Tired of “sorry, that’s all we can do for you”?
  • Spent enough of your life fighting to get help?
  • Wondering if there’s anywhere else to turn?

You already know there are huge holes in the Canadian mental health “system,” and nobody to guide you around them. It’s time for you to become your own guide.

Learn how to intelligently and effectively advocate for yourself, to work with your health team, to help them help you. Avoid the common stumbling blocks, move forward, and get on with your life.

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You can find help. But you need to know where to look.

This is a big change. It used to be that doctors had all the answers, and the time to sort things out. Not any more.

They have too much information to keep track of. Too much pressure to see more and more patients. Shorter appointments.

Mental health awareness campaigns are great, but you’re way past that. You’re all too aware of the personal, family, community, social and economic costs of mental illness.

You’re crying out for help. Is anyone listening?

Now What?

We have a pretty good mental health system, open to everyone—if you’re in crisis. After that, it’s fragmented and unevenly distributed. If you have chronic problems that haven’t responded well to treatment, you risk falling between the cracks… for years. You’re not alone.

Not everyone will get better, but many more people could. Common mistakes are made, potential causes and treatments not explored—repeatedly. Don’t get caught by one of these traps when you don’t have to. It’s time to learn what you need to avoid these traps, and work with the system so you have a greater chance to get better. Find out:

  • What physical issues can affect your mood or thinking?
  • What important tests has nobody ordered?
  • How do you make the most of a psychiatrist consultation?
  • Are you waiting longer than you should be?
  • Are you seeing the right treatment provider for you?
  • Have you been correctly diagnosed? Are you sure?
  • Are your medications or therapy making things worse?
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Take Control of your Mental Health Now

Learn the questions to ask, the tips, the tricks, the strategies to help the system help you.
No scams, no miracle products, just the education you need to get the best mental health treatment.
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