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Soft Launch

I'll spare you the cocktail parties, hope-filled pronouncements, gatherings of dignitaries and VIP's that tends to go along with official health-related "social media initiatives" these days. And while I'm not about to rehash the About page, I will say that putting together the first cut of this site has left me even more frustrated and pissed off at the poor quality of mental health care that too many people are subjected to in this country. [...]

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Five Ways Your Psych Consult was Doomed Before it Started

Have you had this conversation with your family doctor yet? "You sent me to see that psychiatrist and I'm no better than before!" "Look, I've already sent you to the specialist, what more do you want me to do?" There's a lot of possible things that could have gone wrong to get you to that point. The simplest is that your family doctor mistook a midpoint of an inherently uncertain treatment process with the end of that process. But I [...]

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On Antidepressants, Still Anxious

Antidepressants, despite the name, are first-line treatments for anxiety as well as depression. Choosing the right antidepressant is hard, a topic we'll come back to frequently. It involves a lot of trial and error, but there is both some science to it and some knowledge to be drawn from practical experiences. Here are two pieces of practical experience that don't seem to be as well known as they should be: Wellbutrin tends to increase anxiety [...]

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Get your Ferritin and B12 Levels

If I could only give out one piece of advice when it comes to people suffering from depression or anxiety, it's this: find out your ferritin (stored iron) and Vitamin B12 levels. If every family doctor checked just these two things before putting someone on an antidepressant, it would save an incredible amount of grief. Such a simple thing, but not having recent ferritin or B12 levels, or them being too low, is one of the most commonly-missed [...]

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