The Seven Deadly Sins of Psychiatrists

What makes a good psychiatrist? If you ask patients to talk about their bad experiences with psychiatrists (or just ask psychiatrists who have taken over care of a patient from a bad psychiatrist), you'll certainly get an earful! Herewith, a highly unscientific list of "sins" that can arise in psychiatric care. Selective Attention "You didn't hear a word I said!!!" Whether due to unreasonably short appointments, or quickly focusing on only one small aspect of [...]

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On Antidepressants, Still Anxious

Antidepressants, despite the name, are first-line treatments for anxiety as well as depression. Choosing the right antidepressant is hard, a topic we'll come back to frequently. It involves a lot of trial and error, but there is both some science to it and some knowledge to be drawn from practical experiences. Here are two pieces of practical experience that don't seem to be as well known as they should be: Wellbutrin tends to increase anxiety [...]

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