The Seven Deadly Sins of Psychiatrists

What makes a good psychiatrist? If you ask patients to talk about their bad experiences with psychiatrists (or just ask psychiatrists who have taken over care of a patient from a bad psychiatrist), you'll certainly get an earful! Herewith, a highly unscientific list of "sins" that can arise in psychiatric care. Selective Attention "You didn't hear a word I said!!!" Whether due to unreasonably short appointments, or quickly focusing on only one small aspect of [...]

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Get your Ferritin and B12 Levels

If I could only give out one piece of advice when it comes to people suffering from depression or anxiety, it's this: find out your ferritin (stored iron) and Vitamin B12 levels. If every family doctor checked just these two things before putting someone on an antidepressant, it would save an incredible amount of grief. Such a simple thing, but not having recent ferritin or B12 levels, or them being too low, is one of the most commonly-missed [...]

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