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I’ll spare you the cocktail parties, hope-filled pronouncements, gatherings of dignitaries and VIP’s that tends to go along with official health-related “social media initiatives” these days.

And while I’m not about to rehash the About page, I will say that putting together the first cut of this site has left me even more frustrated and pissed off at the poor quality of mental health care that too many people are subjected to in this country. And so it seems somewhat incongruous to celebrate the creation of a resource designed to help people work around the flaws of a system that should be able to help them.

While there are still some kinks and rough edges to work out, I have a feeling that the people I hope find this site are used to a lot more rough edges.

I would greatly appreciate any feedback that you can provide, both in terms of what is already on the site, but also in terms of other topics you’d like to see covered. I have no shortage of things I plan to write about, but I’m only one person with one perspective. So please, do get in touch.

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