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Most importantly, do not apply anything you learn to your own unique situation without discussing it with the appropriate professionals on your health care team.

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Top Tips

Let’s Talk, Don’t Stop!

January 28th is Bell Let’s Talk Day. Kudos to Bell and all the people who participate in this event for the work they’re doing to help reduce the stigma of mental illness.

Working up the […]

Five Ways Your Psych Consult was Doomed Before it Started

Have you had this conversation with your family doctor yet?

“You sent me to see that psychiatrist and I’m no better than before!”

“Look, I’ve already sent you to the specialist, what more do you want me […]

On Antidepressants, Still Anxious

Antidepressants, despite the name, are first-line treatments for anxiety as well as depression.

Choosing the right antidepressant is hard, a topic we’ll come back to frequently. It involves a lot of trial and error, but there […]

Get your Ferritin and B12 Levels

If I could only give out one piece of advice when it comes to people suffering from depression or anxiety, it’s this: find out your ferritin (stored iron) and Vitamin B12 levels.

If every family doctor checked […]